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Occupational Health Advice in London


5 Ocean Heights,
40 Roedean Road,
Brighton, BN2 5RA

TELEPHONE: 077 6840 0985/01273 698678



GMC no. 0707981 

Borough Medical Chambers,
Keats House,
24-26 St. Thomas Street,
London SE1 9RS 


BA Oxon
BM BCh (UK) Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Oxon
MRCP (UK) Membership of the Royal College of Physicians
DIH Diploma of Industrial Health, London Conjoint Board
1982 MSc Occupational Medicine (London University)
MFOM (UK) Membership of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine
Accreditation as Specialist in Occupational Medicine (UK)
FFOM (UK) Fellowship of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine


Principal Medical Adviser, Schilling & Schilling, Consultants in Occupational Health
1989.89.Area Medical Officer, CEGB Area South East
Medical Adviser to British Electricity International
Regional Medical Officer, CEGB South Eastern Region
Senior Medical Officer, CEGB Research Division

Assistant to Professor R.S.F. Schilling, freelance Occupational Medicine


Panel Member Nursing and Midwifery Council


    1. Regional Specialty Adviser in Occupational Medicine (North East Thames Region) to the Joint Committee on Higher Medical Training
      1987-89 External Examiner, Diploma of Industrial Health, University of London


As an occupational health consultant, I provide advice on both a one-off and a regular contract basis to a wide range of service and manufacturing industries. Included are a  national newspaper, several housing associations and charities, a publishing company, printing companies, civil engineering contractors,  solicitors, a trade association, a trades union and a government body; plus manufacturers of a range of products including, display equipment and metal goods.

I undertake occupational health assessments of employees, where the services of an accredited specialist in occupational medicine are essential.  Examples are high levels of sickness absence, work related stress, mental ill health, alcohol and drug problems, occupational dermatitis, occupational asthma, work related back and upper limb disorders.

In my capacity as an accredited specialist in occupational medicine I act as an expert witness in cases of industrial and road traffic accidents where the injuries sustained have an impact on capability to work.

I give advice and support on the occupational health implications of the “COSHH Regulations” and the series of six sets of health and safety regulations based on EC Directives which came into force on 1st January 1993, the Equality Act and the Provision of Health Assessments under the Working Time Regulations 1998.


Before setting up Schilling and Schilling I was responsible for running a comprehensive occupational health service for twelve thousand power workers leading a team of doctors, nurses and occupational hygienists.  Employees were exposed to a wide range of hazards including noise, asbestos, man-made mineral fibre, ionising radiation, electromagnetic fields, pulverised coal, pulverised fuel ash, vanadium, welding fume, polychlorinated biphenyls, Legionella pneumophila, hydrazine and other chemicals in use in laboratories.

I have had experience of lecturing at public meetings, drafting replies to parliamentary questions and appearing at public inquiries, industrial tribunals, the High Court, Coroner’s inquests and press briefings.

I have been responsible for the training of managers; safety representatives and employees in a range of work-related health topics and have undertaken various research studies.

I have devised procedures and policies for the management of health and safety at work.  My work has included advising on the medical aspects of planning for major emergencies.


Work related stress and other work related mental ill health
Work related upper limb disorders
Work related back problems
Clinical assessment for fitness to work of employees suffering from physical and mental ill health 
The Equality Act
Prevention of health problems associated with the use of display screen equipment
Lifting and handling
Drug and alcohol problems
Ionising radiation
Electromagnetic radiation (power frequency, radio frequency and microwaves)
Coal and pulverised fuel ash
Noise induced hearing loss and hearing conservation
Chromates and chromium plating
Inorganic lead and cadmium
Isocyanates, solvents, plastics, paints and varnishes
Hazards associated with Health Care – glutaraldyhyde, formaldehyde, mercury, hepatitis B and HIV
Legionnaires disease
Asbestos, man-made mineral fibre and wood dust
Occupational Dermatitis
Occupational Asthma


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Society of Occupational Medicine
The Faculty of Occupational Medicine
British Medical Association
The Association of Local Authority Medical Advisers
The Medical Defense Union of Scotland