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Occupational Health Advice in London

Helping you manage work related stress from
our home base in London

Established in 1989

Dr C.J Schilling is a partnership first established in 1989. The principal Medical Advisor is Dr C.J Schilling MSc, MRCP, FFOM, DIH, GMC – an accredited specialist in occupational medicine. Taking pride in his work, Dr C.J Schilling has successfully helped thousands of people overcome health issues that have rendered them unable to work.

 With his guidance, many will be able to return to work to the satisfaction of both them employer and the employee. 

Occupational Medical Services

We provide a wide range of occupational health services covering many diverse occupations, assisted when required by highly experienced Occupational Health Nurses.
At Dr C.J Schilling, we provide support to a range of manufacturing and service industries.
Based in London!

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We Provide Advice & Support To:

  • Social and supported housing companies
  • Newspaper, periodical and silkscreen printing services
  • Civil engineering services
  • Power generation services
  • Financial services
  • A wide range of charities
  • Food production companies
  • Terrestrial radio, television and mobile phone transmission services
  • Manufactures of display equipment, a bell foundry
  • Trade Unions

We are located at: 

Keats House, 24-26 St. Thomas Street, London Bridge, London SE1 9RS

For professional occupational medical services in London, 
contact Dr C.J Schilling on 07768 400 985